As with tailoring, The Cloakroom’s made to measure leather is defined by Japanese precision and attention to detail. It is relaxed but refined; soft but sophisticated; casual but considered - making the perfect garment for travel and weekend wear.

Crafted to one’s exact measurements and stylistic preferences. Cut from the finest leathers. Made by artisans in Japan. Finished with stainless steel zips, Bemberg lining and monogrammed pockets. The Cloakroom’s made to measure leather is defined by quality, style and fit - bridging the chasm between tailoring and casual wear. Bomber jackets, biker jackets, gilets and more are all available in a range of leathers spanning soft sheep suedes to hardy calfskins of varying colour, texture and weight.


As with suits, made to measure leather jackets should flatter the figure. They should contour the shoulders, sit comfortably at the waist, and the sleeves should be neither too long nor too short. The cut should be classic but contemporary; informed by proportions it should sculpt a silhouette that is timeless.



The beauty of made to measure leather jackets, however, is not confined to fit. It lies equally in the luxury of leather. At The Cloakroom, each piece of leather has been water-dyed - preserving the soft qualities of the hide and ensuring the colour is better absorbed. Each piece is then hand cut and stitched together with precision and attention to detail by artisans in Japan.

Blending utility with luxury, made to measure leather jackets are a practical and versatile addition to a wardrobe of sartorial staples. Layer over a tee shirt, jeans and sneakers for an easy-wearing weekend look, or pair with tailored wool trousers, chunky knitwear and leather boots for a refined ensemble in the winter. 


Custom jackets transcend fit, fabric and quality. They are about individuality; about defining who you are. Custom jackets are special because they’re unique to you. Not only will they bear the hallmarks of your style in colour, cut, texture and weight, but they will patina slowly over time - growing in character with every wear.


The Cloakroom’s dedication to quality, style and fit goes beyond just tailored suiting. Leather jackets shouldn’t be an afterthought, but rather a key piece in your wardrobe. With endless and exciting possibilities in terms of colour, cut, texture and weight, having leather jackets tailored is just as important as having suits and shirts tailored.