There are few days in life as momentous as your wedding - a day that will endure in photo albums and the memories of guests for years to come. Likewise, there are few suits as momentous as the one you will wear on the day of your wedding, and it too should endure in photo albums and the memories of guests for years to come.

A wedding suit for men should honour the gravitas of the occasion. It should reflect the tone of your special day. It should afford comfort and elegance. It should be considered and sophisticated, and tailored to flatter your figure.

Tailored by craftsmen in Japan to the highest quality, The Cloakroom is the ultimate destination for wedding suits for men - be you looking to make a statement or for something subtle. Available in a range of different fabrics - from Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Fox Brothers and Vitale Barberis Cannonico - The Cloakroom tailors suits befitting of any wedding - be it a relaxed affair on the beach, a destination wedding abroad or a more formal ceremony held in a church.




Each groom and each wedding will subscribe to a different style. Hence the importance of a tailored wedding suit. But while style will vary, the basic tenets of the suit remain. The best barometers of quality are fit and construction.

Tailored with a full floating canvas, finished by hand and cut to the shape of your body, The Cloakroom abides by tailoring tradition and distils every detail to the point of perfection - creating timeless silhouettes that flatter the figure - ensuring that you and your groomsmen are looking your absolute best come the special day.


Perhaps you have a particular colour or style in mind. Or perhaps you aren’t totally sure what you’re looking for. Tailoring is a collaborative process, and throughout your journey into The Cloakroom, we will hone our understanding of you, your personal preferences when it comes to fit and style, and of course, the nature of your wedding. From this, we will tailor the perfect groom suit for you.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” said Aristotle. With this sentiment in mind, The Cloakroom’s stylists will curate a complete outfit for you. Shirts are tailored in Italy to complement the suit, Italian made accessories like ties and pocket squares - cut from silk, linen, wool and cashmere - are used to accent the outfit, and shoes - some crafted in Japan and others in Italy - ensure the groom walks the aisle with dignity.




A more traditional ceremony will often call for a more formal suit. At The Cloakroom, formal suits for men revolve around three key styles; the tuxedo, the three piece suit and suits with a peak lapel.

Finished with satin silk on the lapels and worn with a bow tie, the tuxedo is the most formal suit men can wear on the day of their wedding. Typically reserved for evening wear and black tie dress codes, it is perfect for men looking for a heightened sense of sophistication and formality.

Three piece suits aren’t particularly common these days - but for weddings, where the addition of a waistcoat is perfect for men getting married in cooler weather, and for those looking to make a statement on their special day.

When it comes to formal suits for men, a peak lapel is almost non-negotiable. It exudes an air of formality and sophistication, but, depending on the fabric it is cut from, can easily be worn after your wedding day.




A more relaxed ceremony will require a more relaxed dress code. For beach weddings, casual suits worn without ties and loafers worn without socks are de rigueur. For those that take place on a country estate, perhaps a fabric that fits in with the surrounds is required.

With a deep range of casual fabrics - many of which are in lightweight and breathable blends of wool, linen, silk and cashmere - The Cloakroom is the ultimate destination for casual suits for men.



Founded in 2007, The Cloakroom has been tailoring mens wedding suits for over a decade now. Working with tailors of the highest order in Japan, and using only the highest quality materials, each suit is defined by its precision and attention to detail.

Similarly, The Cloakroom’s made-to-measure specialists will traverse wit you the many complexities of fit, fabric and style to tailor the perfect wedding suit.

So mark your monumental milestone in style and experience the pleasures of Japanese craftsmanship, specialist styling and personal service at The Cloakroom - the ultimate destination for mens wedding suits.