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Revered as a culture for uplifting and honouring craftsmanship, Japan has a rich history in tailoring that dates back centuries to imperial dress. Passed through generations and continually refined, modern Japanese tailoring is defined by its precision and attention to detail.

The Cloakroom is proud to draw on Japan’s deep reservoir of tailoring talent and have suits made in Japan. Constructed with a full floating canvas, finished by hand, and cut in luxury cloths from Dormeuil, Loro Piana and Fox Brothers, Japanese tailoring blends the sharp militaristic aesthetic of British tailoring with the soft, nonchalant qualities of Italian tailoring. ‘Made in Japan’ carries with it connotations of sublime quality and style. It is sharp yet soft; refined yet relaxed; elegant yet effortless; informed by traditional tailoring yet reimagined with modern sensibility.

Working with pattern makers and tailors of the highest order, The Cloakroom has developed a unique house style. The shoulders have been rotated forwards, creating a clean and sculpted chest. A more generous back fitting allows for freedom of movement and comfort. The lapel is rolled to perfection. Garments are finished with horn buttons and functional buttonholes. Pick stitching traces the perimeter of the jacket. Each jacket is monogrammed with your initials. To have garments made in Japan is the ultimate sartorial experience.



The Cloakroom’s philosophy of redefining elegance goes beyond formal wear. So too does ‘made in Japan’, which extends to leather jackets, denim, overcoats, shoes and accessories. Similar to suits, these Japanese products are defined by their rare quality, subtle aesthetic nuances and attention to detail. Made with care, made to last and made to complement the sartorial experience that is Japanese tailoring, The Cloakroom’s range of Japanese products offer quality and style for every occasion.


As with tailoring, only the finest materials and methods of craftsmanship are used in The Cloakroom’s jeans, leather jackets, overcoats and accessories. Leather jackets are cut from supple suedes and calfskins. Jeans are cut from Japanese denims, stitched with absolute precision and tastefully finished with metal hardware. Overcoats are cut from classic gabardines, cashmeres and wools. Shoes are Goodyear welted, crafted from leather and patina’d to perfection. Accessories are cut from silks and other luxurious compositions. 



Defined by quality, style and fit, The Cloakroom’s Japanese jeans strike the right balance between tailoring and casual wear. Made in Japan and tailored to one’s bodily nuances and stylistic presences, jeans are available in a range of denims - from the raw and rigid to the soft and stretchy - all in different colours, finishes, weights and compositions.

True to the rare quality of Japanese craftsmanship, The Cloakroom’s jeans can also be cut in selvedge denim. Made on vintage looms that are no longer in production, selvedge is the hallmark of artisanal excellence and has a longstanding relationship with Japanese jeans.