Throughout one’s journey into The Cloakroom, only one surety prevails - that every detail has been distilled to the point of perfection. Cut from fine leathers, polished to perfection and stitched with integrity as per shoemaking tradition, shoes are no exception. The Cloakroom offers two different lines of shoes for men - the first being Stefano Bemer, the second being The Cloakroom’s house brand.

There are few names in shoemaking who command the same respect as Stefano Bemer. Renowned for hosting Daniel Day-Lewis for a ten month shoemaking apprenticeship, Stefano Bemer make shoes by hand in Florence, Italy. Cut from the world’s finest leathers, each shoe is hand welted. The thread used to stitch the welt is made by twisting two linen threads together and then coating it in beeswax. It is this endless attention to detail - this unrelenting pursuit of perfection that defines Stefano Bemer. It is why The Cloakroom has chosen to collaborate with them in creating the very best shoes for men.

Available in a collection of French, English and Japanese leathers - all of which can be finished with different patinas - The Cloakroom’s shoes for men are made in Japan. Guided by traditional shoemaking techniques, they are Goodyear welted, elegantly lasted and sophisticated in their styling.




As with tailoring, men’s dress shoes should flatter the figure - in this case the foot. Quality of craftsmanship, quality of leather and quality of style are all of equal importance. Form should marry function and shoes should be both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. It is for these reasons that such attention is paid to the ‘last’ - or in other words; the shape to which the shoe is cut. The last is the barometer of elegance when it comes to men’s dress shoes. With this in mind, The Cloakroom’s philosophy of tailoring extends to shoes.

The Stefano Bemer made to order (MTO) programme allows customers to take stylistic control over leather, last, shape and style and create shoes that are unique to them. Loafers, boots, monk straps, whole cuts, oxfords and derbies are all available in a range of leathers spanning calfskin, cordovan, kudu and exotics of varying colour, texture and weight. Rooted in classical Italian style, Stefano Bemer’s men’s dress shoes are understated and elegant - their high instep creating a sleek and sophisticated silhouette not dissimilar to The Cloakroom’s tailoring.

Made by skilled artisans in Japan, The Cloakroom’s house range of made to order (MTO) shoes blend timeless style with technical virtuosity. Made with precision and attention to detail, each shoe can be adjusted to the shape of one’s foot and leathers coloured then patina’d to one’s liking.




As with suiting, formal shoes are informed by classic style. Oxfords, derbies, monk straps, whole cuts, loafers and boots - whether they’re made in Italy by Stefano Bemer, or in Japan by The Cloakroom - are all bound by a common thread; their adherence to classic style.

Formal shoes should sculpt the foot. The fit should be elegant but practical; comfortable but snug. There should be just enough room at the toes before the shoe narrows at the waist and contours the arch - the lines of the sole almost disappearing under foot as they approach the heel. Formal shoes should be neither too short nor too long; neither too wide nor too slim. Each detail should be considered and perfectly proportioned; right down to the tasteful thickness of the leather sole.




Oxford shoes are the most common and formal shoes for men. Defined by their closed lacing system - different to the more ‘open’ style of lacing featured on the derby shoe - Oxford shoes can also feature decorative adornments such as broguing, a cap toe, wing tips and other stylistic permutations.

Available in a range of different leathers - each of varying colour, weight and texture - Oxford shoes at The Cloakroom can be crafted in Italy by Stefano Bemer, or in Japan by The Cloakroom.