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No two men are the same - be it in shape, style or personality. Just as no two men are the same, no two suits should be the same either. The Cloakroom’s philosophy is to allow men to define who they are - to express themselves through tailored suits. Tailored in Japan with precision and attention to detail, each suit is cut to the shape, style and personality of the individual.

Working with pattern makers and tailors of the highest order, The Cloakroom creates a unique pattern for every customer - accounting for all bodily and postural nuances. With thousands of cloths from luxury French, Italian and English mills - all varying in colour, weight and texture - suits can be tailored to meet an array of situations, styles and seasons. This is the essence of the tailored suit.




The philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The sense of being perfectly well dressed gives a feeling of tranquility that religion is powerless to bestow.” To be perfectly well dressed is to be comfortable and confident. It is to wear clothes that reflect ones shape, style and personality. It is to balance comfort and style. And, herein lies the importance of mens tailored suits.

Informed by classical tailoring, but reimagined with modern sensibility, The Cloakroom’s tailored suits balance comfort and style. A full canvas construction breathes life into the suit. It allows the fabric to drape and contour the body with ease and effortlessness. It allows for ventilation and breathability. It gives roll to the lapels, shape to the shoulders, and sharpens the silhouette.

Hand sewn armholes relieve tension around the shoulders - giving a sense of softness and freedom. Horn and mother of pearl buttons add and air of refinement. The natural lustre of wools, cashmeres, silks and linens brings the fabric to life. These are the hallmarks of mens tailored suits at The Cloakroom.




Whether you’re a tailoring aficionado or a newcomer to the world of custom made suits, it is a collaborative process. With each conversation and each fitting, our understanding of you and your personal style grows. It is this personal approach that defines The Cloakroom - ensuring that each custom made suit is tailored to your liking.

The tailoring process begins in the comfort of one of The Cloakroom’s showrooms. There is no set procedure - your experience will unfold organically as you peruse fabrics and conduct your fitting. In fact, throughout your journey into The Cloakroom, only one constant will remain - that every detail has been distilled to a point of purity.

Your bodily nuances will be analysed and accounted for to achieve the perfect fit. Colours, compositions and textures will be all carefully considered. So too will accompanying shirts, shoes and accessories.


Aside from the benefits of an improved fit, having your suit custom made allows you to take stylistic control over details like fabric, pocket style, lapel style, linings, buttons and monograms. Having the suit custom made in this way is a personal and intimate experience. It is the height of luxury.