Why Everyone Want's to Dress Like Stanley Tucci This Summer

Why Everyone Want's to Dress Like Stanley Tucci This Summer

Why Everyone Want's to Dress Like Stanley Tucci This Summer

As the weather warms up (for those of us in the southern hemisphere) our minds turn to weekends spent outdoors, sand between our toes, ice-cold negronis, and of course what to wear. And right now the style icon to emulate is Stanley Tucci from his recent documentary series, Searching for Italy.

If you haven't watched it yet, Tucci takes us on a culinary journey across Italy sampling the local fare of different regions. However, almost impressive as the food is the effortless elegance of his outfits as he wanders the streets of Naples, Florence, Rome etc.

The success of the tailoring lies in its simplicity, in fact that when you break it down almost every outfit is characterised by a very simple palette of just blue and white. There's lots of denim shirts (in varying shades), louche unlined jackets and of course off white chinos. But central to it all is a simple philosophy that less is more - the result being a pared back elegance that looks effortless and authentic.

At The Cloakroom we have all the ingredients to bring Tucci's outfits to life for you. Our selection of denim shirting spans the very light through to rich indigo. And if white pants seem a a bridge too far our off-white (with a bit more warmth) make the perfect cotton pants that can be worn with a jacket or a t-shirt.

And for that nonchalant unlined jacket we have lots of options from 100% linen
(Italian and Irish) to our favourite lightweight fabric - a wool-linen-silk mix perfectly woven by Loro Piana (Italian of course).

Click below to book a time to come in and get your new summer wardrobe update started, or if you can't make it in click the link below and have one of our team take care of you over email or text.




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